Hiking Glyndŵr's Way in Wales - Part III

Buried wall

There were a few sections where we walked along the remains of an old stone fence, usually with a newer wire fence next to it.

Lllanbrynmair pub

The pub in Llanbrynmair. There was an entertaining local lady in that night for her dinner, who barked out a sentence in unpracticed-sounding Welsh. Everyone in the pub froze for a moment and the barmaid maintained a look of stony blankness when I looked at her to get some sort of clue as to what was going on. The moment passed and then the lady proceeded to orate for more than an hour on many subjects, including her new grandchild, her cousin's wedding, her diet, her purse up on the bar next to her drink.

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Hiking Glyndŵr's Way in Wales - Part II

manger sort of thing

Hiking Glyndwr's Way is like getting a crash course in sheep industry infrastructure. Everywhere there were sheep, and everywhere there was sheep equipment of some kind or other.


Sometimes the one service a village might provide is a public telephone.

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Hiking Glyndŵr's Way in Wales - Part I

Glyndŵr's Way

Last month Cristy and I hiked Glyndwr's Way in Wales! 135 miles of sheep pastures, hills, bogs, valleys, pretty villages and lovely market towns. We walked it over 10 days. Here are some photographs!


We got there by flying to Dublin, taking a ferry across the Irish Sea to Holyhead and then taking a train from there to the trailhead in Welshpool. Most people walk Glyndwr's Way in the reverse direction (from Knighton to Welshpool), but we didn't know this when we made our travel arrangements.

Trail marker

The trailhead in Weshpool!

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Blue creature mask

Jason Escobedo helpfully models one of my paper mache pieces and a Microsoft Office teeshirt. This was at the OffCenter Folk Art Festival last weekend. The pose works for both items, I think.

ტრიო მანდილი - აპარეკა (The Mandili Trio - Apareka)

The ladies are Georgian. The song is "Zecas Shakheneo Aparekav" by Aluda Qetelauri.

The original (?):


Aspen Journal of Ideas and Five Best Ideas of the Day

I recently finished an interesting web project: The Aspen Journal of Ideas and Five Best Ideas of the Day.

Aspen Journal of Ideas

About the Journal:

The Aspen Journal of Ideas is a curated digital collection of essays, conversations and opinion from experts and thought leaders of the Aspen Institute community. The Journal was conceived and commissioned by Aspen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson to build an accessible bridge for a wider audience to connect to cutting edge ideas about improving our world. Initially focusing on the policy work of the Institute on economic inequality and opportunity and cyber-security then expanding to include additional issue areas, the Journal will feature original work by Institute experts and other thinkers in the field as well as analysis by contributing writers.

Five Best Ideas of the Day

The Five Best Ideas of the Day is a micro-blog of sorts with five interesting links every week day. And it's been picked up by Time.com!

I worked on this project with Tarek Rizk and Amanda Otter.

TIME brings you closer to living

"When you read TIME each week, you know more. You understand."

For some reason the tune to this TIME Magazine commercial popped into my head today. The shots of the people sharing and caring and living life to the fullest while they read TIME are priceless. 

I would not mind owning one of those "terrific" alarm clock/push-button phones.


Self Portraits With Men

Dita Pepe - Self Portraits With Men

Who do you want to be? Or, more accurately, who could you have been? Czech photographer Dita Pepe takes these musings quite literally, re-imaging her life in a hundred different scenarios in her series Self Portraits with Men. Pepe’s photographs are disarming in their nonchalant subtly, the artist possessing an uncanny ability to become a seamless member of each family.

There are more photos from the series at her web site.


OffCenter Folk Art Festival

OffCenter Folk Art Festival 2014

It's almost time for OffCenter's annual Folk Art Festival!

Where: Washington Middle School Park [map]

When: Sunday, September 7, 10am - 4pm

I will be there, selling paper mache products and dispensing free advice.

More information can be found at offcenterarts.org and on facebook.

Buddy MacMaster

Buddy died on the 20th of this month. I liked that he wore a suit and tie when he performed.