Jomo & The Possum Posse - Guy on a Buffalo, Parts 1-4

These videos were posted in 2011, but somehow I just learned about them the other day. I can't explain it.

The footage comes from a film from 1978 called Buffalo Rider (a fictional story based on a real person named Charles "Buffalo" Jones).  Jomo & The Possum Posse have done us the service of watching the movie for us, editing out the boring parts, and putting it to song.

Biking around Honolulu

Last month Cristy had an event in Honolulu and I was able to tag along for some old-fashioned Oahu R&R. No obligations for days but to swim in the ocean and ride around the island!

It would have been cool to do something like what cyclist Derek Hadashi did in 2014 and ride around the entire island, but shipping my bike and camping equipment for a three-day ride was silly. I settled for renting a bike and going on day rides from our hotel in Waikiki.

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