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Update from the Road

Cristy at Chehalis River

We are now 332 miles into our tour. I would like to go on and on about something:  positive mental attitudes, mastering hill anxiety, how being on the road is liberating, etc.  These are all things on my mind but I am tired. This is hard.  You really have to keep your focus and keep your mind right. Worrying about hills in advance is counter-productive and really un-Zen.  Being in the moment is the best thing to do and the best part of being on the road.

Day 31 post neck dissection

I started telling you about my saga and figured a one-month update was in order.

Two weeks ago I was afraid things weren't ever going to improve.  My neck was just so grossly swollen. I suspect most recovering patients experience this kind of doubt.   At Day 31, it is as if the heavy lifting is done and now someone just has to tidy up the place. What a relief!

Neck Dissection 101

When I learned that my lymph node biopsy came back with malignant cells, I arranged for surgery at the Mayo Clinic.  No dithering about.  Let's go to the experts and handle this.  Knowing I was in good hands, I didn't do a lot of pre-surgery research.  I knew the surgery was to be therapeutic and diagnostic.

Turns out, the surgery I had was a neck dissection.

Mayo Clinic

Last week, Cristy and I had the pleasure of traveling to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona so that Cristy could have her neck opened up and poked around in.

Cristy is doing fine, thank you for asking.  She's at a point in her recuperation where she sometimes laughs at my jokes.  When she stops laughing at my jokes again, that's when I'll know that she's all better.

In any case, here are some pictures I took.  Mayo Clinic is a place of fanatical orderliness, cleanliness and gleaming medical equipment.

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