Top 100 words and phrases to avoid

1. It’s the economy, stupid.

2. A week is a long time in politics. Or variants thereof, such as, “If a week is a long time in politics then a month seems an eternity.”

3. What part of x don’t you understand? Although this one seems to have nearly died out already.

4. Way beyond, or way more.

5. Any time soon.

6. “Events, dear boy, events.” (Except as the name of an excellent political blog, currently in abeyance.)

7. Learning curve.

8. Raising awareness.

Stuff I Don't Care About

Lindsay Lohan

Die Antwoord
Tiger Woods
Sarah Palin
Michael Jackson
Lindsay Lohan

Harder to come up with this list than you would think.  It's like not imagining an elephant.


Greg Payne's column is missing from this week's Alibi! What happened? Maybe it says why somewhere in the incredibly-hard-to-find print edition? "Payne's World" was probably the best thing the Alibi had going for it. Hate to see it go.

A smarmy new offering

KRQE News 13, a.k.a. The Greatest News Program In The Universe, aired the most incredible story last night about a cheerleader voyeur web site. Here's how it opens:

Dick Knipfing: There's a big buzz tonight among teenagers in New Mexico and elsewhere about a smarmy new offering out on the Internet.

A big buzz? Among teenagers? In New Mexico and elsewhere? A smarmy new offering? Tell me more!

They are also very loud

An article at about Black Maria, a metal band from Albuquerque.

"I think one thing that makes us different from most bands is that we don't do much self-promotion," Terry said.

Black Maria's garage band mentality keeps everyone grounded although their ability to blow away audiences is why their shows are so successful.

"The truth about the marketing thing is we really still cannot believe that anybody would care about watching us," Gordie said.

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