Jomo & The Possum Posse - Guy on a Buffalo, Parts 1-4

These videos were posted in 2011, but somehow I just learned about them the other day. I can't explain it.

The footage comes from a film from 1978 called Buffalo Rider (a fictional story based on a real person named Charles "Buffalo" Jones).  Jomo & The Possum Posse have done us the service of watching the movie for us, editing out the boring parts, and putting it to song.

Ronna & Beverly

Ronna & Beverly

Ronna & Beverly are my new favorite podcasters. Here's a random sample. It doesn't matter which episode you listen to first. They're all hilarious.

TIME brings you closer to living

"When you read TIME each week, you know more. You understand."

For some reason the tune to this TIME Magazine commercial popped into my head today. The shots of the people sharing and caring and living life to the fullest while they read TIME are priceless. 

Disco 82

Rubik's cube, shoestring headband, sexy aerobics. This is exactly what 1982 was like.

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