In praise of chard

I have decided that I am not going to spend time growing any vegetables ever again except for chard.  Here's why.

Most vegetables are weak.  Carrots are pitiful.  The big ones grow to about the size of my little toe.  Sugar snap peas deserve nothing but contempt, with their miniscule yield of stunted pods.  Kale wilts if the sun comes out from behind a cloud.  Tomatoes shoot out a multitude of blossoms, which become hopeful little tomatolets, which then proceed to rot on the vine.   Absolutely contemptible.  A bunch of disgusting crybabies.

I don't like wraps

Yesterday at lunch I made up my mind to take a firm position against wraps.

I have eaten my share of sandwiches whose deliciousness have sent me into paroxysms of ecstacy, but I have yet to encounter a wrap that wasn't exceedingly mediocre


Some friends are coming over tonight for dinner.  When the subject of dessert came up, I suggested that we could have fruit smoothies.  My idea was met with derision and something close to outright scorn.  Fruit salad was suggested as an alternative.

Fruit salad is better than a smoothie?  I don't understand this.  Smoothies are closer to ice cream, especially when you make them with full-fat yogurt.  Fruit salad is closer to... salad.

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