How to chop an onion

Chopping onions is one of those things, like paddling a canoe, that you might think you do well but probably don't. Fortunately for you, YouTube is chock full of videos of onion chopping experts chopping onions. This truly is an age of wonders, isn't it? Following are some notable YouTube onion-chopping tutorials. Not all of them are notable for their good advice. There is a fair amount of agreement that at least one horizontal slice should be made in the onion, which seems kind of dangerous and unnecessary to me, but what the heck: you only live once.

London Rocket

It is about time I got around to trying this plant. It's everywhere in my neighborhood. I can think of few weeds that are more pervasive. Foxtail maybe. You see london rocket everywhere. Curiously, in all the reading about edible plants I've done, I can't remember a single reference to this plant outside an article in The Alibi, but that could be because there seems to be some disagreement on what to call it, so I might have missed the connection.

I was googling around for a recipe for saag paneer and found what may be the greatest cooking web site in the Internet:

Here is Chef Sanjay's instructional video for making Stinky Delight.

"If you are living in an apartment, do not try this dish." -- Chef Sanjay

Wine bottling notes

I bottled the wine over the weekend*. I think I'm getting the hang of siphoning, as more stuff gets into the bottle than onto the floor.

I have deduced, somewhat unscientifically, that this wine is a Riesling, based on the similarity between the flavor of this wine and a Riesling that our neighbor served one night last summer. This wine has a much greener taste, very dry, very tart, won't win any awards, and I suspect that the grapes where a little underripe when I picked them. Also it probably could have used a little added sugar.

Quince Preserves

Cristy turns quince, the cantankerous fruit whose juice can probably be used as an industrial-strength solvent, into something edible.

The wine, she has been racked

Probably of no interest to you, but for recordkeeping purposes, I would like to make a general announcement that I racked my neighborgrape wine last night.

Couple of notes:

1. The siphoning thing went a lot smoother because I finally figured out how to use the siphon.

2. It tasted fine. Not a whole lot of alcohol, but but it was not unpleasant.

3. I topped off both gallons with a little water so that there is minimal airspace in the jug.

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