While waiting for the power to come back on I was thinking about how people without TV or the Internet spent their time.  I pictured a sort of glamorized version of a Hee Haw episode with lots of lot of old timey music.  I did not come up with either of these ideas.

Gingerbread tipi

gingerbread tipi

Our friend Shirley LaCourse made this excellent gingerbread tipi this year and posted these photos on her Facebook account.

The hide is fondant. The fire is made of fondant, fruit roll-up and a flameless candle.

Ready for December!

While I have been posting about some really inspiring, inventive, funny and skilled embroidery work, you may have noticed I have not had many recent projects of my own. What gives?

My current priorities list now includes: reading books on cancer, learning to be a vegan, and making arrangements for surgery.  Sewing has taken a back seat to health-related activities and watching all the past episodes of Lost.  While I have not learned any new sewing techniques this past month...

I did learn a few things this November:

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