Ayelet Lindenstrauss Larsen

Lindenstrauss doodles

Ayelet Lindenstrauss Larsen is a professor in the Math Department at Indiana University and an embroiderer.  I love the math equations mixed into the embroidery.  When you find ways to merge your passions, things just get more interesting.

Embroidery Doodle - Cells

Doodle cells

I called this one "Cells" but was tempted to name it "The Blob."  I really just wanted to play with these peacock colors.  This my favorite stitch- outline stitch. I like it best because it is the one I have been doing since I was 7 or 8 years old.  It is an old friend at this point.  Not like that unfriendly long and short stitch!

Embroidery Doodle - Striped

Doodle striped

More practice on solid stitches.  This is satin stitch.  I feel a little better about this stitch although one should not try it on stretchy fabric.

Embroidery Doodle - Peas and Carrots

Doodle peas and carrots

My mother has strong opinions about peas.  Namely, they are the best vegetable there is! So, I was thinking about doing little cute smiling peas but opted for a more abstract take on the vegetable medley.

Embroidery Doodle - Dahlia

Doodle Dahlia

Working on the asymetrical nested circles made me want to try a more symetrical approach. I think it came out looking like a dahlia.  Hmm, that might look good on a pillow!

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