Quitting Time Scrappie

Quitting time scappie

Around our house, this is what you hear at the end of the day when it is quitting time. 

Scrappies are just little embroidered notes. I use up scraps.  You can mail them to your friends or put them on your bulletin boards. 

Cicada Embroidery --"We called them locusts"

There was one pine tree at my grandparents' place that was very popular with the cicadas.  The tree trunk was covered with exoskeletons.  It seemed like there could not be any cicadas anywhere else because there were so many right there on that tree. There was no other tree like it.  I believed that it had be a special tree to attract so many cicadas.

Every time I visited I would go check out that tree and there was never a time that the tree was not covered in cicada shells. That, at least, was something you could rely on to remain constant.    

Deer with rabbit (no, it is not Bambi!)

Someone, who shall remain namless but does paper mache, has been bugging me about this piece.  Oh, Bambi and Thumper! Is that Bambi?  Why are you doing a Bambi embroidery?

I believe it has been well documented that I like cute animals.  I am not a Disney fan, however.  This is just a cute deer with a cute rabbit, OK? Got it? Good. 

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