Are there monkeys where you’re from?

    What’s that you’re reading?  A nature book?  Looks like it’s got a lot of pictures of animals in it.  You like animals?  I like animals.  Horses, dogs.  I used to have a dog, but he died.  He was poisoned.  Can you believe that?  Who would poison a dog?  He wasn’t even a mean dog.

    I haven’t seen you around for a while.  I come by the library almost every day.  Well, not every day, but most days.  Where you been?  OK if I look at your book with you?  I won’t bother you, I just want to talk a little.

God bless the gunslingers

As has already been opined in this web log, the proposed Downtown arena will almost certainly have the effect of turning Downtown into a nightmare of honking cars and drunken Elton John enthusiasts. But if that's not enough to turn you off of the idea, there's more! Over the last couple of weeks, the Journal has printed a veritable raft of articles about the proposed Downtown arena, almost none of them favorable. Some highlights:

When do the Celine Dion tickets go on sale?

So Martin Chavez announced today that he made a deal with a Phoenix company to build a sports arena in downtown Albuquerque.

My first thought is that this means that every street in a ten-block radius will be clogged all night with the traffic of sports fans every time there's a sporting event.

It's not just for sports, though. An e-mail from the Downtown Action Team says that

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