Biking around Honolulu

Last month Cristy had an event in Honolulu and I was able to tag along for some old-fashioned Oahu R&R. No obligations for days but to swim in the ocean and ride around the island!

It would have been cool to do something like what cyclist Derek Hadashi did in 2014 and ride around the entire island, but shipping my bike and camping equipment for a three-day ride was silly. I settled for renting a bike and going on day rides from our hotel in Waikiki.

Beautiful South Dakota

Dagwood on Day 1
Day one on the way to Scenic, SD

I had the camera most of the time. I tend to not take many pictures because it makes you stop and fiddle with the camera instead of just enjoying where you are.  But, I did take a few and there is photographic evidence that Dagwood was there (aside from all the glamour shots he took of me). 

Prairie Wind Casino to Wounded Knee, SD

We had a great last day of riding from the Prairie Wind Casino to the Tatanka Lodge. Rolling hills with cattle and horses-- we were ever on the look out for buffalo but did not see any. Stopped at Big Bats in Pine Ridge for a Gatorade. The traffic in Pine Ridge was serious! Stopped at Sioux Nation grocery store too. Got to the Tatanka Lodge and the manager, Jenn Robertson, made us a delicious salmon dinner (or supper depending on where you grew up).

Rapid City to Deadwood, SD

Bikes in a park in Rapid City

Huge climb out of Rapid, saw some wild turkeys, stayed the night at a place called Trout Haven where you can catch a fish and they cook it for you. Meandered into Deadwood feeling awesome because of the three-mile coast down into the town.

Scenic to Rapid City, SD


Camping was cold and windy, made some coffee and took off. First fifteen miles or so were fun, but then a weather event blew in, it rained, turned remarkably cold and gusty. The last few miles were hard. Dinner at Firehouse Brewery. Motel with hot shower!

Albuquerque to Austin by Bike: The Recap

Welcome to Texas

As you may or may not know, Cristy and I rode our bikes from our home in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Cristy's parent's house in Austin, Texas.  I made some posts from the road along the way, but they were not very interesting and the pictures are weird because the lens on my cameraphone is scratched. So here are some random thoughts and observations about our trip. Which will be, hopefully, more interesting. And maybe some better pictures too.

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