Pacific Coast 2010

Animal tales from the road

When you are cycling along rivers and through forests and meadows you see a lot of wildlife.  Unfortunately, it is hard to capture these moments, especially from a moving bike.  And capturing eagle flight or long distance sea lion antics would be hard no matter what.

End of the line

golden gate bridge

An easy ride from Olema to the Golden Gate Bridge, where we joined a great mass of tourists, gawking and taking pictures and clogging the sidewalk.  It was just about as excellent a moment as you might imagine.

California Dreaming

Dagwood in redwoods
Dagwood riding through the redwoods.

Riding through the redwoods is fantastic. While there are times when sharing the road is hard simply because there is no shoulder and nowhere to go, there are those peaceful quiet moments where it is just you on your bike.  Sunlight coming through the trees, bird song, a cool breeze.  Nice.


in the redwoods
Cristy putting Lance Armstrong to shame.

The first ten or twelve miles from Crescent City through the redwoods were the definition of harrowing.  No shoulder, tight curves, heavy fog, traffic.



We're in Florence, Oregon, about halfway through our ride.  Halfway, woohoo!  Great day of riding today.  Cristy eats hills for breakfast now.  Don't mess with her.

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