Embroidery is Cristy's stock-in-trade.

Making sculptures out of garbage gives Melvix a thrill.

We hiked Glyndwr's Way in Wales in 2014.
In 2012 we rode our bikes approximately 300 miles through the Black Hills region of South Dakota.

In 2011 we rode our bikes from our house in Albuquerque, NM to Cristy's parents' house in Austin, TX.

In 2010 we rode our bikes from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco.

In 2008 we spent about a week in Mexico City.
In October 2006 we went to England and Cornwall to attend our friends Jamie and Alex's wedding. We had a lovely time.

The Nook an odd appendix to our patio. Melvix has been taking photos of it off an on through the years. Because why not.

For one year we didn't put anything in the garbage or recycling (with some understandable exceptions). We lived!

Schatzi, Frank and Kofi

Every once in a while Melvix does a painting.

Metaquerque is a blogspot blog Melvix did from 2003-2004 about Albuquerque. It was mostly Onion-esque satire and commentary.

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