Albuquerque to Austin 2011

Albuquerque to Austin by Bike: The Recap

Welcome to Texas

As you may or may not know, Cristy and I rode our bikes from our home in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Cristy's parent's house in Austin, Texas.  I made some posts from the road along the way, but they were not very interesting and the pictures are weird because the lens on my cameraphone is scratched. So here are some random thoughts and observations about our trip. Which will be, hopefully, more interesting. And maybe some better pictures too.

Goldthwaite, TX

A-1, top-shelf ride to Goldthwaite this morning.

Haven't seen a live armadillo yet, but I did spot a fox running off into the brush.

Snyder to Sweetwater

Cristy points at wind turbines in the distance.

Today was supposed to be a short day of only 40 miles. Multiple flats made it seem more like 80. We're diverting to Abeline tomorrow to visit a bike shop. Also, Texas is very hot. Also, the Sweetwater Kmart does not sell tubes with presta valves. Just FYI.


Here we are, mugging at the Texas border. Sorry for the terrible photo. This was the best I could do with my smartphone camera. In fact, all the photos I am posting from the road are from my phone, hence their suckiness

Outside Clovis, NM

Two days of glorious tailwinds.

Some highlights of the trip so far:

* Rest day in Vaughn, which is a town that deserves more attention.

* Found an abandoned newborn lamb, which was sad, because there was nothing we could do for it.

* Spent the night in a park in Encino. No bathrooms or water, but we managed. Because we're tough!

* Lots of nice people.

* Applied lots of sunscreen.

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