Pepperidge Farm 100% Natural German Dark Wheat Bread

Pepperidge Farm 100% Natural German Dark Wheat Bread

Bread:   100% Natural German Dark Wheat Bread

Bakery:  Pepperidge Farm (a subsidiary of Campbell Soup Company)

Bakery Location:  Unknown, but Pepperidge Farm has a bakery in Denver.

Date purchased:  June 26, 2016

Date eaten:  June 26, 2016

Best By Date:  June 30, 2016

Purchase location:  Lowe's at Lomas and 11th, Albuquerque

Price:  $2.99

Staleness:  2 (of 5)

Overall Rating:  3 (of 5)


“This is pretty good for cardboard bread,” says Cristy. We call this kind of bread (double-bagged, squat, homemade-looking shape – what is this type of bread called?) cardboard bread because usually it has the flavor and texture of cardboard or a dry kitchen sponge. However, this bread is really not bad. It is pleasantly un-stale and tastes like bread. There is a pleasing absence of nuts and seeds (excepting some millet). And only three dollars! In the minus column, it contains “distilled monoglycerides,” which are not good for you according to, but are ok for you according to Yahoo! Answers user Laur who writes: “its jus a chemical it's ok if u lyk rice and stuff.”

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