in the redwoods
Cristy putting Lance Armstrong to shame.

The first ten or twelve miles from Crescent City through the redwoods were the definition of harrowing.  No shoulder, tight curves, heavy fog, traffic.

Equipment note!  We got rid of our camping equipment in Bandon, Oregon.  We just weren't using it.  Every night we asked ourselves this question:  Should we ride an extra 5 to 10 miles down this steep road to see if there's a campsite available so that we can stand around and make dinner in the freezing wind, or should we get a motel room in town?

It was amazing how much nicer it was to ride without it.

Trees of Creepy Talking Paul Bunyan Statue Mystery, Klamath.

Lionel the brachiosaur, who we picked up outside Klamath.



I can really see the need to get rid of the dead weight of the camping equipment to make room for Lionel the brachiosaur, who will make a jolly traveling companion!
I certainly would have done the same thing.

Every time I tell someone of your amazing adventure and courage of tackling those harrowing roads with nary a shoulder, they all are in complete awe of you two.

I will have to break the new gently to Schatzi and Kofi that they have a new brother who got to go on a bicycling trip while they had to stay home. Hmmmmmph


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