How to chop an onion

Chopping onions is one of those things, like paddling a canoe, that you might think you do well but probably don't. Fortunately for you, YouTube is chock full of videos of onion chopping experts chopping onions. This truly is an age of wonders, isn't it? Following are some notable YouTube onion-chopping tutorials. Not all of them are notable for their good advice. There is a fair amount of agreement that at least one horizontal slice should be made in the onion, which seems kind of dangerous and unnecessary to me, but what the heck: you only live once. This one could just as easily be called "How to chop your fingers off."
This one takes a lot of pains to make chopping onion seem as fun and simple as doing your taxes.
This one is straightforward enough and includes only one horizontal slice.
Dani Spies shows you how to chop onion and make deep bloody gashes in the palm of your hand.
A more realistic, real-world approach.
And finally Chef Hung Huynh demonstrates several knife techniques, including chopping an onion. (Although it should be pointed out that he is slicing, not dicing.)

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