Hiking Glyndŵr's Way in Wales - Part III

Buried wall

There were a few sections where we walked along the remains of an old stone fence, usually with a newer wire fence next to it.

Lllanbrynmair pub

The pub in Llanbrynmair. There was an entertaining local lady in that night for her dinner, who said something in Welsh that made everyone in the pub freeze for a moment. The moment passed and then the lady proceeded to speak for more than an hour on many subjects, her purse up on the bar next to her drink.


We were up on the top of a hill with a 360-degree view so tried out the panorama widget on my phone. Just as I was finishing, Cristy was saying, "You need to look at this... You need to look at this!" Military planes were flying up the valley, and we were up high enough so that we were actually looking down on the tops of the planes. I snapped a photo just as they were disappearing. Doesn't do it justice, but if you look closely you can see one of the planes:


Also: sheep.


Cristy took a picture of me while I wasn't looking. I can't imagine hiking this trail without trekking poles. They were invaluable when it came to crossing muddy patches and slippery spots.

Baps lunch

A typical lunch for us was bagels with peanut butter and honey. Somewhere along the line we bought baps instead, but they aren't as filling as bagels and there were complaints. Unrelated: a saucy song about the barmaid's baps.


Cristy cutting a lonely figure.


Here is an abandoned caravan next to the ruins of a house. Someone had spraypainted the word "DESCENT" on the front window of the caravan, with arrows pointing over the hill to the left, but I didn't investigate what it could mean. The white spots to the left of the front door of the house are big chunks of quartz.

sheep skeleton

The remains of sheep were fairly common.


Machynlleth. The pub where we stayed was just to the left of the clocktower.

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