Old Bay Embroidery II

Old Bay embroidery, Cristy Davies

When you are self-taught and stubborn, it can take a while to learn things.  

Here is a good example.  I do not do counted cross-stitch. So, I beleived that I did not need the aida or even weave fabric used by cross-stitchers.  I wanted to do an embroidery of an Old Bay can.  I drew it and re-drew it and got it ready to transfer to fabric to sew.  I used the linen-like fabric that I have tons of (thrifted) and regularly use for all my stuff.  I liked it OK but it did not come out with straight lines and was sort of wonky looking.  It looked hand done, it looked interesting but it was not exactly what I had envisioned or wanted it to be.  

So, I realized that in my stash of sewing supplies I had some even weave fabric.  And, I decided to do a second Old Bay embroidery.  Being able to count the threads meant that the proportions never skewed.  I could ensure that the lid or the blue section stayed the same width all the way across. It was fantastic.  The fabric worked with me, not against me.  The right tools work to help you achieve the desired effect rather than thwarting you and making you curse every stitch.  And, I do mean that literally.  Who knew?  Well, lots of people actually but now I know it as well-- having stubbornly learned it the hard way. 

Side by side-- see what I mean?  

Old Bay I    Old Bay II
(Left) Original Old Bay on linen                 (Right)  Second Old Bay on even weave fabric


OMH! That basketweave stitch in the background is intense! I love it! I am glad you are tenacious enough to do it a second time!

If you are looking for a home for that first (lovely yet improved upon) piece, look no further. That is totally awesome. And yes, we all need the right tools in our toolbox!

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