Detroit resident, Vanita Mistry, started her own curbside recycling company, Detroit Greencycle.  She goes out on her bike with an 8' trailer and collects recycling--before she goes to work at her day job.  This is commitment.  I am impressed with riding around town with that heavily loaded 8' trailer!  



I like the phrenology heads and I like that this is all the negative emotions and urges. 



No, this is not a self-portrait.  I don't wear my hair like that!

Barnabas Collins /Dark Shadows Embroidery

Barnabas Collins

The original Barnabas Collins is the one for me-- because it is a face seared into my brain for eternity.  He scared me silly when I was 5 years old.  Seems silly now, but we don't get to pick our night terrors, do we? 

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