Giant Otter

You know I have a fondness for members of the Mustelidae family.  Ther are cute little ones like the snow weasel and big fierce ones like the wolverine.  And, the bad ass honey badger is part of this family too, even if he doesn't give a shit about it. 

But, have you seen the giant otter?  

Life After the Garbage Experiment - Making Stuff from Scratch

The Garbage Experiment has left me pretty vigilant about unnecessary packaging and unwilling to buy all those aseptic boxes of stock.  We all have to do what works for us. For me, I will make stock but I do not feel the need to grow/can/preserve/bake/make all my own food.  Nor will you find me grinding my own flour or wearing sunbonnets.

Bottle cap covered house in Siberia

Bottle cap house

A retired woman in the Siberia covered her entire house in bottle caps.  She collected 30,000 and then got started nailing them to the walls of her house.  That pattern is gorgeous.   Hmm, it would make a lovely embroidery.  

Doily Quotes

I would not have a doily in my house as a doily but love all the work on them.   All that crocheted edging, the tiny stitches. So, I added some text to these and now they can go on a bulletin board, above a desk, or on a dresser for morning inspiration.  

The Quack Dog Muzzle

Japan's OPPO has created the Quack, a duck-billed muzzle.  So, your dog morphs into a duck!  And can't bite.  And is mortified.  Awesome. 

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