AC Spark Plugs Sticker

AC Spark Plug Sticker

I am going through lots of old stuff and trying to get organized.  As a Davies, this is hard work.  We like things,  We feel sorry for things.  We keep all things.  We are not hoarders as we are generally tidy but we hang on to things.  We are archivists and conservationists at heart.

My grandfather and dad were NAPA jobbers for decades.  This sticker is awesome.  Not sure what year this is from but the graphics are crisp! 

Very Large Embroidered Shoe

baby in giant shoe

Why a giant shoe?  Good question.  It is very simple really.

"Embroidered shoes is a perfect combination of the Shoe Culture and Embroidery Art."

Tim Flach

by Tim Flach

London photogrpaher Tim Lach is known for his stunning animal portraits.  He has done large projects on dogs and horses, namely Dogs: Gods (2010) and Equus (2008).  His new project is titled More Than Human and features portraits of various animals.  

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