Welcome embroidery

Welcome embroidery

I found this piece in my sewing stuff with the original instructions and floss all neatly packaged wth the linen. Mom claims it was not hers, so it must have belonged to her mother. Grandmom B. was an embroidery dynamo who sewed beautiful table cloths, pillow cases, bed covers, table runners, bureau scarves, doilies and so on.  She taught Mom to embroider and Mom taught me. My embroidery keeps her stitching legacy alive and reminds me of my Mom and Grandmom with each stitch.

Jonathan Fuller

J Fuller Sea glass

Jonathan Fuller lives in Cornwall and collects sea glass for his sculptures.  The sculptures embed the frosted sea galss into cut wooden panels.  I love the gradations of color.  

J Fuller sea glass detail

I love sea glass.  Especially green and blue.  

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