How Far Would You Go? Finishing a 50 Year Old Embroidery Project

I have been working steadily to complete the unfinished stitching (UFOs or unfinished objects among stitchers) of my Mom and her mom. I completed the Welcome embroidery and it is framed and welcoming people into a loving home.  I feel happy that this piece did not end up half stitched in the Savers or Goodwill.  I see things like that in thrift stores and I do not buy them unless they are the coolest design I have ever seen.  I do not feel compelled to save those pieces.

Embroidery tools and orts

the daily sewing tools

There are certain tools you reach for over and over again.  In my case these are the daily tools.  I tend to use the same hoop for eveything, even when that is not easy.  It is just my favorite one.  I like two pairs of scissors, so I can have one on either side of me! The pewter needle keeper is handy for laying a needle down and not losing it.  And, hey, safety first. We don't want the cat to eat a needle!  The silver and lavendar pin cushion, that used to belong to Grandmom and then Mom, is now loaded with nothing but embroidery needles.

Dog scolding



That face!  The video title in Slovak translates to "But I did not!"  Indeed.  

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