How Far Would You Go? Finishing a 50 Year Old Embroidery Project

I have been working steadily to complete the unfinished stitching (UFOs or unfinished objects among stitchers) of my Mom and her mom. I completed the Welcome embroidery and it is framed and welcoming people into a loving home.  I feel happy that this piece did not end up half stitched in the Savers or Goodwill.  I see things like that in thrift stores and I do not buy them unless they are the coolest design I have ever seen.  I do not feel compelled to save those pieces.  I do feel compelled to finish the stitching started by the women in my family and shepherd that stitching into a good home.

How far would you go to finish a UFO? 
There was a massive house cleaning and a high quality linen tablecloth about one quarter stitched came to light. My mom began it a lifetime ago.  Began stitching a color scheme she was not wild about for someone, someone who is not around and is definitely not on the Christmas card list.  Enough.  It was nothing she was going to ever pick up again.

But, it was really nice linen which is virtually indestructible. It was not yellowed or stained.  I liked the black, red and gray color scheme.  So, I figured I would get busy and finish this piece of linen that had been stored and forgotten for at least 50 years.  

And, lo and behold, there is one less UFO in the world!  

Now, who wants a cool linen tablecloth in black, red and gray, 52" by 70"?  

Finished tablecloth

Aerial view of half the cloth

corner and pattern


That is amazing. Whoever ends up with it will have a lot of history in their hands.

It is enough to make one get all philosophical.

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