Decomposition: Knitted Fungi by Leigh Martin

Orange Fungi by Leigh Martin

Knitted fungi by Leigh Martin, from her Decomposition series.  And her Etsy store, BromeLeighad Fiber Arts.
I have never taken up knitting but these pieces make me want to pick up some needles!

Fungi colony by Leigh martin


tree fungi by Leigh Martin


I love this just so so much. The installations are just perfect. Clearly this woman knows her shrooms and how they grow since the shots from further away look like real colonies.

This actually makes me want to do the same with more of my silly little paper mache mushrooms. I did put one "in situ" over a year ago and have been watching it decay and be fed upon by slugs. Writing that makes me realize that I have really weird hobbies and should probably get out of the house more...

Thanks for posting!

Your hobby is entertaining and adding to the lives of slugs.  That is pretty awesome. 

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