The Birds of Catherine Frere-Smith

Embroidered Fabric Blue Tit, Catherine Frere-Smith


Embroidered Green Woodpecker, Catherine Frere-Smith

I love the embroidered birds of Catherine Frere-Smith.  The detail is spectacular.  I love the feet!  I swear that any minute they will start warbling and singing and cock their heads.  

I also love her textile designs. If you look closely, you can see how well the fabric works with the stiching to create the depth of detail.  The fabric used is her own design. Side note:  it would make me happy to make something with the fabric that has badgers and sheep.   

She currently splits her time between making stitched and embroidered items, and more commercial printed textiles. Check out her Etsy shop!

One more, because I love owls! 

Barn owl, Catherine Frere-Smith

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