Animal pelts that won't cause a PETA freak out

I have limited experience with latch hook.  I helped my grandmother once with what I thought was a really underwhelming rug.  I just haven't been around any awesome latch hook.  So, all this time I have been under the impression that latch hooking was just plain dull.  I can admit when I am wrong.  I have now seen some awesome latch hooking thanks to these latch hook pelts done by Morgan Gesell.

Latch hook pelts

You know that I like the power of knitting when harnessed in inspiring ways (knitted thyroid, frog dissection). Ruth Marshall knitted a series of big cat pelts. Also check out her knitted reptiles

knitted jaguar pelt

Close-up:  Yes, it is really knitted!
knitted jaguar detail

So, relax and enjoy these.  No red paint will be thrown at your head for appreciating these!

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